Gerd Leonhard: Media Futurist, Disrupter!

by · December 15, 2010

Did you hear Gerd Leonhard speak in Doha last week? No?! Well you missed out! Gerd is a media futurist – someone who takes a look at the current media landscape and tries to help businesses and individuals prepare for the future. He was among the first to recognize that the Internet would destroy the traditional music industry, moving it from a “copy” producer (records, tapes, cds, etc.) to a content producer. He is now looking at how the Internet continues to disrupt content industries across the board, from videogames to newspapers.

In his talk, Gerd described data as the new oil and said piracy was really just unmet demand! A very interesting way to look at it.

Thankfully ictQATAR videotaped the session. I encourage you to watch the full session (40 minutes, but you can listen as you work – multitask!). It will certainly make you think – in a good way! And if you want a shorter video, check out ictQATAR’s one-on-one with him. Both are below – enjoy!

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