Qatar’s Winning World Cup Bid Unfolds on Twitter

by · December 6, 2010

Unless you have been camping out in your favorite secluded tent the past few days, you well know that Qatar was chosen to host to 2022 World Cup. Mabrook Qatar! Like many people in the country, I am still trying to digest what this means (yes, look for a blog post soon on this from a technology angle). For those of you in Qatar, you likely took part in one of many celebrations around the country, but people around the world (and those stuck at home because of poor planning and traffic i.e. me) were easily able to join in from anywhere in the world via Twitter.

Sepp Blatter Makes the Announcement - Finally!

Using the hashtag #qatar2022, the Twitter universe was filled with tweets in support of Qatar’s bid before the formal announcement, with the community encouraging everyone in Qatar to use the hashtag so it could trend. You could sense the tension as FIFA President Sepp Blatter slowly rambled on about the importance of the World Cup with Tweeters virtually shouting at him to hurry up and get on with the announcement.

And then, finally, an explosion of joyful tweets as Qatar was announced as the host. The tweets came from Qataris and expats alike, many in praise of Qatar’s bid team, countless people celebrating it as a victory for the whole Arab world, but most just sheer excitement.

Crowds Gather to Celebrate Qatar's Win (courtesy of Virgin Mobile Qatar)

In the couple of days after the announcement, the tweets continued, including an announcement that a local mother named her daughter Fifa, a few well meaning (I’m sure) taunts at the U.S., some observations about the work to be done and many people responding to misperceptions about Qatar. It may have been the most Qatar has been discussed in the twit-o-sphere!

And the great thing is that you can re-live this historic moment just by searching #qatar2022. It is truly an amazing tool for recording news as it happens. And while #qatar2022 never did manage to trend, some not so intelligent spellings of Qatar did, including Quatar and Katar.

Have some fun and go back and relive the moment. Guest blogger and one of our favorite Tweeters in Qatar, Kapil Bhatia (@kapilkb), shared with me a few of his favorite Tweets from the night.

@dohanews ‘Russia’s really cold, so maybe they’ll be ok that Qatar is really hot’ overheard watching #qatar2022 bid

@rachelannmorris To all those (mainly in dubai) who told me I was nuts moving to #doha all those years ago…don’t make me say “I told you so”

@AlexKunawicz The speed camera in Doha that fines you £800 is going to be working overtime for next 12 years. Wonder what fine will be by #Qatar2022 ?

@sghazzi 21 degrees in doha but tonight doha is on fire #qatar2022

@Alkhulaiwi Thank you Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Thani. You are a true hero for the younger generation. #Qatar2022

@leiandroid It makes me smile knowing that a country people can’t even locate won against… well, the US. Maybe it’ll motivate people to grab an atlas

These are just a small sample, so go re-live history and search #qatar2022!

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