Say hello to Suzette, the cleverest chatbot in the world

by · November 1, 2010

DigitalQatar: Hi Suzette, how you doing?
I am good.
DigitalQatar: Where do you live?
I live in Kailua, since I am an exchange student doing my doctorate at the University of Hawaii.
DigitalQatar: What do you study in college?
My major is Fine Art.
DigitalQatar: So do you paint?
I am good with my hands and love all forms of art.
DigitalQatar: What food do you like?
I like to eat sushi.
DigitalQatar: Have you been to Sushi Minto on Salwa Road?
I love talking with you. I like Ruth’s Chris Steak House
DigitalQatar: Do you have a joke for me?
Marx’s tomb is a communist plot
DigitalQatar: Do you have an iPad?
Someday I will have it.

Loebner Prize Gold Medal

Loebner Prize Gold Medal (solid 18 carat)

Are you wondering why we are sharing a private chat transcript so publically with the rest of the netizens? We suggest you go back and read the transcript once more. It’s a transcript between me and the cleverest chatbot in the world – Suzette.  Created by Bruce Wilcox, a “Go theorist” who has written a number of go-playing programs, books and computer based learning programs, Suzette won the Loebner prize this year in a contest organized on October 23, 2010 at California State University, Los Angeles, by fooling one of the judges into believing that it was human.

The Loebner prize has been attracting “thinking” computers since 1991. The annual competition in artificial intelligence awards prizes to the chatbot considered by the judges to be the most human-like. Year after year a host of chatbots and computer programs take part in the contest for a panel of judges to determine whether or not a computer program acts as if it is “thinking”. So when asked questions about stuff that it doesn’t have sufficient information about, Suzette manages to steer the conversation to talk about subjects that it is more knowledgeable about. Here’s video interview with Hugh Loebner, the founder of the Loebner Prize, explaining what it is all about.

And you thought, only we humans could change topics to avoid looking silly when we haven’t a clue about the subject? Just like NewScientist, when we tried the question “Are you surprised that you fooled a human?” Suzette answered confidently: “No, I am not surprised.” You can chat with her here. Just be patient if you don’t get a response imeediately, Suzette is very, very popular right now!

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