Monthly : November 2010

29 Nov

Give Orphan Works a Loving Home

by Brian Wesolowski

Likely sitting in a dusty storage room somewhere in Doha are reels of film from the Qatar’s past 50 years. In another storage room there are probably equally dusty tapes from radio broadcasts chronicling events such as Qatar’s independence, the rapid growth in the country, political changes and the unique Qatari view on world events. […]

23 Nov

Bring Back Boredom: Is Technology Exhausting Young Minds?

by Brian Wesolowski

I am an advocate for technology and will admit that maybe sometimes I go over the top in my praise of technology and its benefits to society. An excellent article in the New York Times, Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction, was an important reminder for me that maybe not everything about technology is amazing. […]

08 Nov

Moshi Monsters Bring Educational Social Networking to Kids

by Julia Astashkina

If you haven’t heard of Moshi Monsters, your kids probably have. Moshi Monsters is a virtual world for kids that allows users to adopt and care for their own pet monsters, and it currently boasts 29 million users across 150 countries. The site founders have recently announced $100 million projected sales for next year. The […]