Monthly : October 2010

25 Oct

Adopting Creative Commons in Qatar

by Brian Wesolowski

Well it finally happened. ictQATAR and Creative Commons have gotten together and discussed starting a CC affiliate here in Qatar, porting their licenses and promoting their adoption across all segments of society. And the exciting part – ictQATAR’s Secretary General has expressed her support for making this happen – awesome! There were actually two meetings […]

18 Oct

Do you have Klout?

by Brian Wesolowski

By now you have convinced your boss to jump with both feet into the social media world. Your organization has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and you are starting to gain friends and followers. But what do you say when your boss asks you if there is actually real value in being on […]

14 Oct

Watch Out Google! Bing Brings the Social

by Brian Wesolowski

It’s a match that seems incredibly logical – search results combined with social networking. It falls into that category of “why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?” But this perfect marriage is not between the players I would expect – Google and Facebook – it’s between Bing and Facebook. Might it be time for me […]