Monthly : September 2010

28 Sep

Here Come the Tablet Wars

by Brian Wesolowski

In case you missed it, the big news in the computing world today is Blackberry’s planned entrance into the tablet computer market. While it has been rumored for awhile, Blackberry officially unveiled its tablet, Playbook, at a conference in the USA yesterday. Take a look at Blackberry’s promo video for the Playbook. Of course I […]

26 Sep

A License to Blog? The Wrong Move if you Want More Arabic Content

by Brian Wesolowski

If you missed it, last week Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Information and Culture announced that it is planning to require all web publishers and online media in the country to register with the government, and yes, this includes bloggers. This is some very disconcerting news for me. A lot of what I have been posting […]

22 Sep

Embrace an Open Digital World

by Brian Wesolowski

What’s on your calendar for Saturday, October 23? Nothing or something boring? Great, then be sure to come to ictQATAR’s and Creative Commons’ Digitally Open: Innovation and Open Access Forum. And don’t just come because I am telling you to, come because it is going to be a really cool event, with speakers from Google, […]