Why Should You Blog?

by · August 31, 2010

The question should really be why would you not blog? Watch the short video below to hear from marketing gurus Seth Godin and Tom Peters on why they blog – and why everyone else should.

I must admit, when my boss decided she wanted to start a blog and I found out that I would be doing the bulk of the writing, I was a bit skeptical (and not excited about the increased work load). But, honestly, writing Digital Qatar is now one of the favorite parts of my job – and dare I say I don’t even really consider it work…but don’t tell my boss that. It certainly has exposed me to new ideas, provided me with a creative platform and helped me think about technology in a completely new way.

So start blogging if you aren’t already – whether for your job or about something that personally interests you. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it to be rewarding, and who knows, people may even start turning to you for insight.

(Special thanks to Gerd Leonhard, our Connected Speaker for December, for posting this video on his blog.)

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  1. Argus Qatar says:

    Thanks Mr. Brian Wesolowski for exploring various innovative thoughts & blogs to Qatar Community. You are right!!! even though work load is high, its very enjoyable part of job. I started to write blog and I put Digital Qatar link there to have more blogging experience to the visitors. You inspired me well. As you said lot of benefits to change our life style, increase our creative thinking, getting more innovative technologies, and inspiring research topics.

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