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by · August 30, 2010

She is my travel idol!

Like many people in Doha I love to travel. While Doha has some nice things to offer, an escape to blue skies, greenery, nature and historical sites is always welcome a diversion for me. And thanks to our generous leave – and my very understanding boss – I have become quite a travel pro (or so I would like to think!). So what’s my favorite travel site when planning a trip: Wikitravel.

Wikitravel is the Wikipedia of travel guides. Like any wiki, it is user generated content that can be updated and refined by anyone. And just like Wikipedia, the content is proving to be accurate, timely and very reliable. The site has over 23,000 destination guides already – and growing.

I generally start any trip planning with a visit to Wikitravel. It offers information on countries, cities and even regions in general. Most destinations include really useful information on visa requirements and also a list of airlines that fly into a particular location. This was incredibly helpful when I was planning a visit to Lesotho (I didn’t even know where it was until a friend moved there) and exploring possible trips to Madagascar and Mongolia – they have yet to happen.

Wikitravel also has great recommendations on things to do while on your holiday, including culture destinations, shopping information, restaurants and hotels.  I find the tips on things to do useful, but am not a huge fan of the restaurant listings or hotels. I prefer TripAdvisor (my second most important travel site) for these because it allows user ratings and commenting, helping me make a more informed choice.

More valuable features that are often included for destinations include popular tourist scams, weather information, travel alerts and possible daytrips and excursions. There is also content available in various other languages, but English is by far the most populated.

So for those of you still trying to figure out your Eid plans, check out Wikitravel for some ideas and valuable trip planning resources. And if you discover something new, then be sure to update the Wikitravel guide.

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