Why do you love your iPad?

by · July 14, 2010

Since its April release, more than 5 million iPads have been sold worldwide. Certainly there have been a fair share of them sold here in Qatar (or purchased for much less in another county and brought here), so I thought I might take a moment to reflect on why I am loving my iPad, how people are using it and find out what you love about yours.

First, some research. A recent post on Mashable highlighted the findings of Resolve Market Research on how people are using the iPad and its impact on other technology devices. (I asked Resolve for the actual research, but they said the report costs $1,750 – way over Digital Qatar’s budget!). As most predicted, iPad is a potential killer for e-readers. Of those surveyed, 49% said they would not purchase an e-reader after buying the iPad. The next device least likely to be purchased after owning an iPad was any gaming device, which is a bit surprising.

The study showed that most people still see the iPad as an expensive toy (55%) as opposed to a breakthrough technology (33%), but for a large number of those surveyed (37%) the iPad is their first Apple product. This means it is not just Apple junkies buying the iPad and that it has great potential to bring new people to the Apple world.

One of those new users is my mom. She is actually new to a lot of things. Through the iPad she sent her first email, from her first ever email address. She said she is using the iPad mostly for e-Books, but she has also taken to downloading music, and is now also staying in touch with her kids. She’s not alone, it seems that people in her age bracket (45+) are the second round of adopters for the iPad (after the young professionals) and they are finding it easy to use and accessible.

The email my mom sent from her new iPad!

So what do I love about my iPad? Right now I find myself primarily using it as an e-reader. There is certainly a shortage of book options in Qatar, so being able to tap into the online stores for a wide-range of titles is fantastic. I am also downloading a lot of movies and TV shows to it for my upcoming trip to OSCON in the US. It’s a long trip, and the screen size really makes viewing videos enjoyable. And because of the iPad, I may not even take my laptop on this trip – I can do just about everything I need to through the iPad, including posting to Digital Qatar, although I am still getting used to typing on it (and make plenty of mistakes!).  I am also among those using it for gaming, although not necessarily the high-tech games – I am a big Scrabble fan!

I tend think the iPad is a bit more than just an expensive toy, but it probably does not qualify as a breakthrough either. It certainly seems to fill a gap though, making digital content available, and more importantly, easily accessible, to a wider range of people.  I doubt that my mom would have set up an email address if it wasn’t so easy to access through the iPad. The cost still remains a bit high in my opinion for mass adoption, but it is certainly less expensive than many laptops and does much more than any e-reader currently on the market. I definitely expect the iPad to stick around and grow in popularity, and ways it can be used.

So what do you think about your iPad? Yes, tell me why you love it!

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  2. Jamie says:

    Why do I love my iPad…is that really a question? The question should be how could I ever live without my iPad?

    I mean what’s not to love. It’s basically like taking a smaller, yet better version of your laptop with you.

    I use primarily for the email feature, but it’s nice to know that I can read my favorite books and magazine and catch up on all of my favorite movies and tv shows as well.

    I’m really just beginning to discover the convenience of my iPad and can’t wait to curl up with a good book or movie and just enjoy a lazy day of reading and movies.

  3. David Banes says:

    Ive been using it for a month now and I would say that the honeymoon is probably over. probably because I find it frustrating to use at times, the on screen keyboard and prediction often results in me sending out nonsense, but perhaps most of all because it falls in between so many places for me. I really liked my PRS-505 ebook reader, no glare, great in low light or in the bright sunshine and I read for pleasure on it, I loved my Iphone – the best PDA I ever owned and also it made calls, and I loved my laptop – windows 7, stable, powerful and pretty light

    The Ipad doesnt replace all of those for me – there is too much it wont do, more importantly it doesnt do the things that they did as well – It selling by the million but we shall wait and see what happens longer term – At the moment it feels like an openign weekend at the movies, great numbers – but will we watch the movie again in six months ? Only time will tell

  4. Syed Quadri says:

    I pad is the symbol of growing technology, It has so many features. And because of its amazing features it is accepted my millions of people.

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