Monthly : July 2010

28 Jul

Are We Alone? (And How Open Source Can Help find Out)

by Brian Wesolowski

I have no clue if we are alone, but I think it’s very cool that there is an organization dedicated to finding out – and they are seeking the help of the open source community and citizen scientists in their attempts to discover alien life. Dr. Jill Tarter, Director for SETI Research at the SETI […]

22 Jul

Code for Qatar

by Brian Wesolowski

Ever wonder if government would work better if it was run by Apple or Google? Wouldn’t it be great if government actually listened to people on the forefront of thinking as opposed to employing old bureaucratic ways? Well there is an organization in the United States that believes federal, state and local governments could greatly […]

21 Jul

Is Business Ready for the Cloud?

by Brian Wesolowski

Greetings from OSCON in slightly rainy Portland, Oregon. Oh how I have missed the rain!  Appropriately, today is the Cloud Summit, which is taking a look at the potential and future of the cloud from a lot of different angles. Of course, everyone in the room is a big fan of cloud computing and what […]