Monthly : June 2010

15 Jun

A Move to Open Source Software

by Brian Wesolowski

Thanks to the kindness of my boss, I am soon going to become very educated in Open Source Software. I just received approval to go to OSCON 2010, the leading open source software event. So what is open source software? It’s essentially computer software where the source code is made available to the public (most […]

02 Jun

Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

by Brian Wesolowski

After weathering a storm of criticism on their privacy policies, Facebook last week announced that they would introduce simpler privacy controls and settings. This morning when I logged into my Facebook account I was greeted by a notification that the changes were now live and that I could “control what I share.” I took a […]

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01 Jun

Embrace Open Courseware

by Brian Wesolowski

Universities and colleges are often considered the most liberal institutions in world. They are the place where learning and discovery happen, where ideas are cultivated and explored. Students come in with open minds ready to take on the challenges of the world regardless of how daunting they may seem. Professors help them through their journeys, […]