The Future of Digital Content

by · May 13, 2010

In the past, revenue in the content world was based on controlling the distribution of that content. In the future, according to Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard, revenue will be based on converting people’s attention to your content.

It takes a bold person to call himself a Media Futurist and Gerd Leonhard is certainly that. His insight on the tele-media and digital content industry is forcing content and service providers to rethink existing business models and come up with new ways of monetizing their contributions. And guess what? Gerd will be coming to Doha in December to speak as part of ictQATAR’s Connected Speaker Series!

Gerd, who shares all his presentation slides, videos and writings free online using the Creative Commons principles (which I am clearly a big fan of), shared with me a presentation he gave titled “Tele-Media and Digital Content Futures” as a great preview for the type of things he will talk about when he is in town. Undoubtedly by December, as is common in the rapidly evolving digital media landscape, his insights on the future will change. Take a look and let me know what you think about Gerd’s view of the future.

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  1. Syed Quadri says:

    The concept of digital Content is growing and its really amazing that how it is spreading all its features and its dedications. Thanks for your info.

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