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by · April 13, 2010

For those of you who were lucky enough to hear Michael Nelson from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program at his recent talk in Doha, you likely left wanting to know more about the future of the internet. He covered the collaboration phase of the internet, the Internet of Things, the coming Exaflood and much more. Don’t let the conversation stop! Join him and his friends for their upcoming Twitter Jams!
As a member of the Internet Society –DC, Michael hosted his first Twitter Jam on e-Government 2020 in March. You have a chance to join in on the next two, taking place April 15 and April 23 both at 10:00 p.m. Doha time. The Jam on April 15th will focus on “Collaboration 2020: The Crowd and the Cloud” and the Jam on April 22 will be on “Connecting the Unconnected.” The Jams are taking place ahead of two events being hosted in Washington by Georgetown University, the first an all-day symposium “The Crowd and the Cloud,” and the second symposium is “Internet 2020: The Next Billion Users.”
Join Michael on the Twitter Jams by following the hashtag #ISOCDC and be sure to use the hashtag in any Tweets you add to the conversation.
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  1. Ryan Schellenberg says:

    I regretfully missed the talk with Michael Nelson, but am encouraged to see such events happening here in Qatar. With the internationalized domain names now available, and the forward thinking and momentum of ICTQatar, this country is set to make even bigger waves in the global internet community.

  2. Eyas Orabi says:

    I enjoyed Michael’s seminar about the future of the internet. He made my day when he talked about cloud computing for two reasons, 1) because I was trying o push this concept to the local for more than 2 years and 2) because I’m finishing my dissertation in ISM which touches the cloud computing topic heavily. The seminar was wonderful and I hope we can keep in touch with Michael.


  3. Syed Quadri says:

    Michael Nelson is a great person with such a great knowledge

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