Monthly : April 2010

18 Apr

Writing “Requests for Proposals”

by cashel

Most organizations that have a web site occasionally (or often) hire web consulting firms. This post outlines the best approach to issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) – a common step in hiring a vendor. RFPs, if written well, are useful in identifying vendors with appropriate skills and are (somewhat) useful in guaranteeing reasonable price […]

13 Apr

Join the Internet Society Twitter Jams

by Brian Wesolowski

For those of you who were lucky enough to hear Michael Nelson from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program at his recent talk in Doha, you likely left wanting to know more about the future of the internet. He covered the collaboration phase of the internet, the Internet of Things, the coming Exaflood and […]

11 Apr

Protecting Your Digital Content Rights

by Brian Wesolowski

As the amount of digital content being created continues to grow – blog posts, movies, graphic arts, poetry, music and more – protecting the rights of the content creator is an increasingly important topic. Do you mind if people take the song you created and mix it? Does it matter if someone takes your blog […]