Monthly : March 2010

10 Mar

Critiquing Web Design

by Brian Wesolowski

We might not all understand sitemaps, search engine optimization or accessibility functions, but all of us are experts on website design – or so we think. Without question, web design is the first piece of a website that is critiqued by both professional web designers and amateurs alike. As someone that falls into the second […]

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07 Mar

Qatar and Twitter

by cashel

Twitter continues to grow quickly around the world. But should organizations and individuals in Qatar also use Twitter, and if so, how? What is Twitter? Twitter is a free online service that lets you post short messages (under 140 characters) about anything you like. Those messages are then displayed on your personal Twitter web page and also sent by […]

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03 Mar

Watch Out TV News…

by Brian Wesolowski

Yes, that’s right. Television news has been put on warning. The internet is right behind you, and soon will likely be people’s preferred choice for news. In a new research study by the Pew Research Center, the internet ranked as the third most popular source for news in America, behind the local network news and […]

01 Mar

Tips on Writing for the Web

by cashel

Writing for the web is different than writing for any other form of publication.  A number of factors present unique challenges online: Most users (80%) scan the page rather than reading word for word Users bring assumptions about format and information architecture which dictate where they seek information Reading from computer monitors is slower and […]

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