The Internet of Things

by · March 25, 2010

I often like to think that I am fairly knowledgeable about internet trends. I can talk social media and Web 2.0, but I must admit the concept of the “Internet of Things” was a bit confusing to me. That was, until I watched this video.

It’s easy to understand now why the concept of the “Internet of Things” seems to equally excite and frighten people. It is certainly not hard to imagine a day where there are more things on the internet than people – just think of the number of “things” around you that could be online. Sitting at my desk I can think of ways my plant would benefit from online insight on how much water and sun it needs (maybe it wouldn’t be so yellow), my stapler could alert our office manager when it is about to need new staples, the random business cards scattered around could automatically upload to my email contacts and so many more.

The important thing to remember from all this is just because “things” are online and there is boundless data, it is still going to take humans to figure how to use that information, put it to good use, create new efficiencies and ultimately benefit from the “Internet of Things.” The internet can only do so much. It will still take innovative people to realize its full potential – and my guess is we are still at the early stages of even knowing what that potential might be.

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  1. Arnie says:

    Interesting subject. I came across another information resource on the same. Not surprisingly it’s called “the Internet of Things Council” and they describe themseleves as “a loose group of professionals with different ideas and opinions. We sometimes differ and will probably clash. We prefer to host the full range of opinions on what will be a small avalanche of disruptive innovations. We do have something in common though. We have been through the full range of emotions and conceptual breakdown that comes with grasping the territory, the full logistical, business, social and philosophical implications of the Internet of Things.”

    Just thought of sharing their link with Digital Qatar readers –

  2. Social Media Revolution in the Workplace (IITMAANA Event) | says:

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  3. Syed Quadri says:

    This video is great and info is outstanding.

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