Monthly : March 2010

28 Mar

Tips on Accessibility

by cashel

It is only fair that all web sites should be accessible to people with disabilities, and to the assistive devices they use to navigate the web. This post outlines key principles and resources relating to accessibility. High Rates of Disabilities The issue of accessibility is quite a significant one. In the US and Europe for […]

25 Mar

The Internet of Things

by Brian Wesolowski

I often like to think that I am fairly knowledgeable about internet trends. I can talk social media and Web 2.0, but I must admit the concept of the “Internet of Things” was a bit confusing to me. That was, until I watched this video. It’s easy to understand now why the concept of the […]

21 Mar

Designing a Social Media Strategy

by cashel

Social media sites represent the fastest growing segment of the web. How does an organization best develop a strategy for effective use of social media? In this post we’ll outline key components of an effective social media strategy. What is Social Media? “Social media” refers to web sites in which users can communicate with other […]

17 Mar

Qatar is Blogging!

by Brian Wesolowski

It’s been about three months since ictQATAR hosted Mudwanat: All About Blogging. The event brought together bloggers from Qatar and across the region, and lots of people just generally interested in blogging. We recently reached out to some of the attendees and got great updates from many of the bloggers and it thrilling to find […]

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14 Mar

Using Web Metrics Effectively

by cashel

Every web initiative requires constant improvement. But it’s impossible to improve something unless you can measure it. This post outlines an approach to using metrics effectively to improve web initiatives. The Challenge There are dozens (or hundreds) of potential web metrics you can track. Web metrics programs, like Google Analytics or Ominture, provide page after […]