Monthly : February 2010

24 Feb

Nearly 3 hours on Mobile Internet a Day – Really?

by Brian Wesolowski

I must admit, I was a bit surprised by this number – 2.7. This is the number of hours per day people in the U.S. are spending on the mobile internet according to a recent study from Ruder Finn, a leading PR agency. I will freely admit I am a slight blackberry addict, but I […]

21 Feb

Simple Search Engine Optimization

by cashel

Search engines play an increasingly important role in directing users to web sites. “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) refers to steps in web site design to improve indexing and ranking by search engines. This post describes the quickest and easiest ways to ensure optimal search engine results. Google and other search engines keep their algorithms secret. […]

18 Feb

Give me the local scoop

by Brian Wesolowski

As newsrooms across the globe are shrinking, reporters are increasingly stretched to cover everything that is going on. While a lot of news outlets have made the decision to be more local-focused, they are still stretched and often fail to cover topics that matter to me. Today when I am looking for a restaurant recommendation […]

11 Feb

Are you thinking critically?

by Brian Wesolowski

If you’re not, you should be. And you should be sure to teach your kids how to do it too. This week I attended a forum hosted by my employer, ictQATAR, on digital communications literacy that addressed the importance of building literacy in the new, pervasive forms of communications – online, video, audio, etc. It […]