The Content Strategist as Digital Curator

by · January 14, 2010

I never thought of my organization’s website as an art exhibition, but after reading Erin Scime’s article posted on the very informative blog A List Apart, maybe I should.

Erin uses the metaphor of web strategists as curators to help explain the importance of how online information and resources are shared to a web audience. When I think of all the e-content that is developed for my website – text, videos, podcasts, etc. – these truly are valuable artifacts or assets. How new and old pieces are arranged, shared and positioned is in my control, and like a curator, I want my visitors to leave having experienced something. Thinking like this makes being a web editor/strategist seem far more classy and important!

I also took Erin’s article as a reminder of the importance of producing quality content – not just throwing information online for the sake of it. Most of us can recognize bad art and I think it’s even easier to recognize bad e-content.

Definitely take the time to read Erin’s article and remember that we web strategists and editors are the new curators of the world!

Read Erin Scime’s article.

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