Monthly : January 2010

31 Jan

How To Be More Transparent and Engaged Online? Ideas from Clay Shirky

by Chris Wolz

The internet presents amazing opportunities – but also a lot of challenges – for organizations who have been  (until now) very traditional in their approach to external communications. The opportunity for organizations like foundations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, is how and where to use the web for greater openness and interactivity. I was at […]

28 Jan

Web Accessibility as a Government Mandate?

by Brian Wesolowski

Most web developers know that they should make their websites accessible to persons with disabilities, such as including captions for videos to assist the hearing impaired, designing navigation so it can be done through a keypad as opposed to a mouse and including descriptive captions for the blind. But too often developers choose fancy design […]

14 Jan

The Content Strategist as Digital Curator

by Brian Wesolowski

I never thought of my organization’s website as an art exhibition, but after reading Erin Scime’s article posted on the very informative blog A List Apart, maybe I should. Erin uses the metaphor of web strategists as curators to help explain the importance of how online information and resources are shared to a web audience. […]

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10 Jan

John Morkes,Expero, Inc. speaks about Web Content usability

by مينا ناجي

Web usability expert John Morkes was recently in Qatar and shared his thoughts on what web developers need to do to balance the quality of their e-content while keeping in mind the manner in which users scan and read content online. Sometimes more isn’t better – and certainly how you position important information makes a huge difference […]