Yearly : 2009

10 Nov

User Experience Documentation: Site Maps, Task Flows, and Wireframes

by Brian Verhoeven

We here at Digital Qatar have recently been talking a lot about organizational goals, identifying and understanding your audiences – other elements that will impact your web site strategy. Now, I want to switch gears and focus a little on the documentation that will help you communicate your strategy to business stakeholders and technical developers. […]

18 Aug

Three Ways to Take Advantage of Cloud Computing Right Now

by kvoelker

These days, even if you try really hard, it’s just about impossible to avoid “the cloud” in technology conversations. The internet giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have all launched cloud-based offerings, the US government has announced it’s intention to build federal cloud-based services for its agencies,  and leading technology research firm Gartner recently released […]

15 Feb

Audience Segmentation & Interviewing

by Brian Verhoeven

As mentioned in a previous post,  putting users at the center of your design process can help you ensure an optimal user experience. There is growing interest and adoption of a  user-centered design approach opposed to a systems-based approach. In this post, I will explore how segmenting your audiences and interviewing them, will help you […]