Monthly : December 2009

22 Dec

Mudawanat Inspired Me to Blog – You are Next!

by Sarah Hassaine

Anyone can blog? Really? That was definitely the message Mudawanat kept communicating throughout the event on December 12th, 2009. I was amongst 250 attendants and 60 online viewers, and I am 100% sure we all came away with the same impression: What should I blog about? After all, if 120,000 new blogs are launched every […]

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09 Dec

Back to Basics on Blogging

by Sarah Hassaine

Our morning routine of coffee and newspapers has changed over time to coffee and popular news websites.  Be it BBC News, New York Times or Al Jazeera, we would scroll through the paper’s subpages reading articles of interest.  However gleaning daily global news from just newspaper articles is becoming almost insufficient – now the trend […]

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08 Dec

User Experience: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

by Sophie Campagne

Have you ever walked through an airport looking at signs above you, ahead of you, on the walls to either side of you feeling a bit lost while trying to make sense of where you’re headed?  Like most things people do, you’re there with a purpose.  Maybe you’re looking for a specific gate.  Maybe you’re […]

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07 Dec

Effective Web Strategy: Getting Me to Take Action!

by Chris Wolz

When I’m assessing the success of a web site these days, one thing I increasingly look for is how well a site drives me – the web site visitor – to take some action. I look to see how effectively the web site actually moves me to do something beyond just reading its web pages. […]

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